Rebeka Clarke. Chinese: (丽贝卡·克拉克) Pinyin: (Lì bèi kǎ·kèlākè), (li4be4ka3--ke4la1ke4) Nicknames: Raven, Albion, Vali.

deathravenxd (Youtube), also known as DeathRaven_RClarke later changed to deathravenxd_YT on roblox is

a Chinese British Hacker/youtube gamer currently residing in Hong Kong, China. Aged 11. Birth-date is how

ever is unknown. Clarke joined youtube on November 2nd, 2015, but the channel remained dormant until

June 16th 2019 when her first video was uploaded: "Survive the girl in the red dress" YT LINK:

The Channel has been active for roughly 5 months and in that time Rebeka has managed to amass an

astounding 1.73k subscribers. Her channel hit peak popularity after the video titled: "(100 subs) Roblox mm2

halloween 2k19 unboxing godlys", was uploaded YT LINK:

Clarke was currently at 105 subscribers. Then in 3 weeks she gained 1k+ subscribers.

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